Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I ran across this research lately and know it will encourage those of you who don't floss to start!!!

Flossing is a staple of the oral hygiene routine recommended by everybody's dentist.  But, unfortunately, many folks blow off this vitally important daily habit.  Overlooking the importance of one little strand of floss is an easy mistake to make in a day and age of high-powered electric toothbrushes, tongue scrapers, and laser whitening.  With so many high-tech gizmos available to get your mouth futuristically clean, the humble minty string tends to get lost in the shuffle.  With all the high-tech stuff out there, there is still no viable alternative to flossing.  You see, flossing cleans the inner surfaces of your teeth and gum line that other oral care modalities simply cannot reach.  How about this word picture?  Not flossing is the same as leaving one-third of your mouth unwashed.  Gross to think about, right?  This will shock you:  Those who do floss have been proven to enjoy a longer life expectancy.

Flossing every day is a vital step to prevent gum disease, as well as being an aesthetic life-saver when stubborn foods such as spinach or broccoli get lodged between your teeth.  I hate when that happens! Believe it or not, flossing plays a very important role in protecting your heart.  By flossing, you are effectively scraping harmful bacteria away in an effort to prevent it from inflaming your gums.  If left to multiply, this bacteria enters your cardiovascular system and accumulates in your arteries.  Plaque formation there leads to clogged arteries.  Then, to make matters even worse, gum inflammation signals your body to trigger an immune system response, narrowing the arteries.

Estimates vary on the exact length of time that flossing can add to your life.  Scientists can't determine an exact figure, considering the myriad of variables that they must account for when calculating life expectancies.  Doctors and dentists agree that reducing the body's exposure to bacteria and limiting its immune response results in the addition of anywhere between six and nine years.  I said six to nine years.  Unbelieveable, right?

Flossing your teeth should be a daily habit, and should never take more than 20-30 seconds once you're proficient.  Products such as preloaded floss on a handle make this procedure a total snap.  And remember, when it comes to intensity, less is more   Aggressive flossing can recede the gum line which, ironically, increases your risk of gum disease.

I hope I have convinced all of you out there who haven't flossed before to GET GOING!!!  It's simple, fast, and can add years to your life!